Today, the methodologies and strategies to grow the business are mostly dependent upon advanced technology. Mobile locating GPS technology is one from different other innovations which helps in developing and prospering your business. You can access numerous websites like which provide free services for locating the mobile phone, if lost or misplaced. There are also various websites which provide paid services and give you a few more features which will be helpful for your business. It hardly makes any difference if you are running a logistics or sales business; their uses are very substantial in every industry.

Here are a few beneficial features that will help you in running a smooth business:

Employees User Token – For connecting new or more employees to your fleet, you have to ask them to install the GPS tracking application in their mobile phones. Instead of giving your own user id and password, you can add them to your fleet by giving an employee’s User Token. It is a unique login code which you can give to your every employee so that they can log in to your account without accessing all the details.

You can manage the setting as per your preferences that how much information your employees should get, at what intervals of time their location should be refreshed and many other options. Therefore, you will be able to see where they are and remain updated with wherever they go, on the map of the software.

Application Programming Interface – The API is a major component for the effective working of mobile tracking software. Today, every online service provider and their servicing platforms are based on this feature. The developers of mobile tracking software use API technology either developed by third-party or some of them develop it on their own. For example, Google has its own API framework in the Google Maps and this is the only reason why it is always so accurate and you get additional features like traffic, alternate routes, nearby shops, etc.

Thus, if you are considering mobile tracking software for your business then API will help you in giving the exact real-time location of your added employees. Also, if you are into the business of logistics and transportation which includes vehicles operation then you will also get details like the engine’s performance, diagnostics, etc.

Grouped Accounts – It doesn’t matter if you are running a big or small scale firm; you will always need a different group of people to look after their respective departments. When you are using mobile tracking software, then you might not want that one department sees the details of another department. So, you can change the settings and no one will be able to see details of other department but this might create problems at the managerial level. The team leaders should have access to the location and other details of the employees who are in their team.

Thus, you can use the feature of Delegate Account in which you can make team leaders as administrators of that group and they will look after the whole team which is working under them, respectively.

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