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Ever wondered how it feels to have a Rottweiler? Join our community and ask questions to find out!

Only at Gallery for Rottweilers you are able to gain precious information about what is like to raise a Rottie and tips from our specialists. From us you are even able to buy food and other related accessories in order to help you raise this awesome and beautiful dog.

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Read all our pages about how to take care of your dog and what kind of food you must provide him to increase your knowledge about canine keeping. Stay up tuned and read our pro and cons reasons why you should have a Rottweiler.

Even though a negative image has been made over this breed, they are highly appreciated among experience users. The character of vicious or malevolently aggressive dogs contoured to the wide public by movies like The Omen or Half Baked has created a sense of insecurity for people finding themselves around Rottweilers.

Numerous cases of dogs saving humans have been seen, but this one is the headline among our association. Jake, a UK Rottweiler is recognized for his bravery for when he saved a woman being molested by a drunken man. He located the attacker and chased him away, and after that he stayed guard for the victim until the police arrived. Now that’s a kind of dog everyone should appreciate!

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Also, as every respected dog lover company, we provide you some of the most beautiful and cute moments caught on camera of Rottweilers. They can make a perfect company when it comes to family photos or cover albums. Share us now your experience with your best friend and make part of this unique community.

In case of emergency, you can call us at the number NUMBER. If necessary we might be able to even come to your home and help you out!

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