Slate is very, very ancient- as a matter of fact, a lot of slate is densely compacted volcanic ash! It’s fireproof from creation and specific pieces could handle fiery temperatures. Due to this, your smaller slate pieces might work well as a trivet (we recommend as from sizes 8×8 and smaller). Be in the know that although your slate could withstand heat, it also happens to be a very good conductor of that heat – therefore, the slate itself will be hot and maintain its hotness for a long time. So you should be extremely careful if you’re making use of it in this application! That said, this prompts your slateplate to be an excellent warm plate to maintain the warmness of your food on the table. Don’t put your slate in the microwave.

Cold plate

Just like its capability to withstand immense heat, your Slate plate could survive severe cold as well. If put in the refrigerator your slate would maintain its coolness for a very long while, if placed in the freezer your slate would stay cold for a very long period of time. This lets you effectively serve desserts as well as other cold items on your slateplate that you may not otherwise be able to, like cakes, tortes, and pies. Just have it at the back of your mind that if you’re serving something that would melt, such as an ice cream cone, you would want to consume it before it melts too much!

Bath and Decor

Slate plates aren’t for food only! They make excellent utility and decoration pieces too. A lot of our customers love to employ them for candles due to the fact that if the wax spills over it peels right off, and additionally it offers a fireproof base if they were to fall over. Others like to place flower arrangements on them employing the black as a stark contrast offering those natural colours a truly ‘wow’ factor. Slateplates are wholly waterproof and make excellent soap dishes that are easy to clean which can be used inside or outside of the shower.

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