Mobile phones have become an integral part of human beings. People have exclusive and intimate information in their handsets. This is the main reason why they start to panic when their mobile phone either gets misplaced or stolen. If you are dealing with such situation and want either to get your phone back or secure your data remotely then it is advised to log on to GpsHandyOrten. You will be able to get to know about how to locate your mobile with the help of various Google applications.

What are wide ranges of applications to find a mobile?

Location history

For this application, all you need is a fast internet connection and an operating device. Google will keep updating the places you visited, but one has to log into his or her Google account and have to turn the location history on.

In the initial stage, you are advised to select the correct timeline on the Google maps around which your device went missing. The device will help you to get a genuine look at the route which you’ve followed during your journey. This feature will help you get an idea about the place where you may have lost your device.

Device manager for the android

This application helps you to lock your lost mobile phone from the comfort of your home if in case you feel that it is nearly impossible to find your device. On the contrary, you may even delete every exclusive data from your mobile handset. This feature will help you to protect important information from getting manipulated by hackers. One can easily select the data he or she wants to delete from the mobile handset. It is advised to delete all important corporate files, bank details, personal photographs etc. as spammers prey on them to extort innocent people.

A person can also find his or her misplaced device inside the residence, work office or at the auditorium. The application basically makes your mobile phone ring at a loud tone, for around five long minutes. This feature will ultimately provide you enough time to locate your handset. The cell phone will start to ring at high volume even if you had placed it on the silent mode. This facility is very beneficial for elderly people who generally misplace their devices every now and then.

Device recovery through Google photos

This application is known to locate the correct location of your lost mobile. You can even know the position of the person who has stolen your device in the first place. In the initial step, you are required to download the Google photos application on an Android device. Then you are supposed to log onto Google accounts, it is a very easy step and you can access the account in a very short time span.

With the help of Google sync, you will be able to synchronize the photos on your handset. The innovative feature of synchronization gives Google an opportunity to start collecting the latest photographs which are being clicked right from your mobile phone.

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