The technology of Mobile geo-location is setting trends with its amazing techniques and strategies in every industry. Among various industries like defense, location tracking, automobiles, etc. now you can also see them in the marketing industry. There are many websites which provide the services of geolocalisation telephone. You can avail such services for your business to enhance your brand name with unique marketing strategies.

Use Beacons – If you think you know nothing about Beacon marketing then you might be wrong. Have you ever gone for shopping and while you were talking to the sales associate about the available options and designs of the dress that you like then suddenly your phone rings and you see a notification of 50% discount on that particular brand that you are actually shopping for. The first instinct that you get from that notification is that now you can buy your favorite dress at half price. In no way, you are going to leave that dress. That’s how beacon marketing works and you have already experienced it.

Beacon is like a small Wi-Fi router which uses the same technology of mobile geo-location. It connects the mobile phones in its range and you can send alerts of messages on the connected devices with the help of software or application. You can operate it from any other device. Thus, if you want to advertise your product then you can use a beacon which you can place at your retail store or at different places where there is a huge crowd.

Geo-conquesting – Another way of using mobile GPS locator services in your marketing strategy is Geo-conquesting. They work in two ways i.e. geo-fencing and geo-targeting. Business firms use these techniques to target people from a definite geographical range. You go to cafés, restaurants, hotels and other places where you use their Wi-Fi and log in to your accounts. This saves your IP address in their data.

The Geo-conquesting works with using the information, like IP address and your phone number. The service providers gather information of crowd and get to know where is the largest crowd so that they can spread their advertisement in that particular area. They target the customers or viewers of that particular area.

Another way of using this technique is that if you own a supermarket store and you want more customers then you can spread your advertisements in the areas where there are your large competitors. You can use banners of discount and offers which can drag customers from those shops or market to your store.

Weather-based – Do you get notification or email of the daily weather forecast in which there are ads of some popular brands or a link to buy their product. They use geo-locator software or services to find the potential customers at your local area. This process helps to get more customers for the online store. Then they send weather reports which usually everyone opens and combine it with promotional content. The promotional content helps you to market your business in a better manner.

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