In the pickleball community, it is not news that there is a wide variety of paddles to pick from. I have an idea of what it is like to shop for pickleball paddles endlessly. You don’t have any reason to doubt me, I’m a self-acclaimed Pickleball paddle nerd. I want to see to it that I get my hands on lots of paddles as possible. For my best pickleball paddle reviews for spin, click here. Fortunately today, I’ll be sharing the entire thing with hoi, just so that you can make a choice that is the best for you.


One very important factor when choosing a pickleball paddle is getting the proper weight paddles. The reason being that it is one of the few physical requirements in pickleball. It is very much like saying ‘you have to be of a specific height before you can be allowed to ride a rollercoaster’. If perchance a paddle is too heavy or too light for you, it has the potentials of messing everything up.

But how will you understand if a paddle is too heavy or too light?

Too light

Lots of problems will arise when you are using a pickleball paddle that’s too light for you. One of the first signs you observe is that you miss shot that you don’t get to miss when the odds are even. I don’t in anyway mean missing shots that are difficult, what I mean is whiffing completely; even on serves. These kind of whiffs are the ones that leave the audience laughing, but it is very obvious that your paddle is more on the feathery side.

When you make use of a paddle that very light, there is no doubt about the fact that you will miss shots because you are swinging faster than you do. It is very similar to swinging very early in baseball, you miss the ball. It’s amusing, however not so great for your loss/win record.

Too heavy

It is very easy to know if a paddle is too light, but it is much more difficult to be sure if a too heavy. Fortunately, there are some markers that you can look out for.

One of the consequences that can arise from using a heavy pickleball paddle is that you tend to experience arm and wrist fatigue. In addition, you observe that you get to rub your arm or even your wrist after of day of playing pickleball. If some of these symptoms are strange to you, it is most definitely as a result of the paddle you are using.

In addition to the signs observed when using a heavy paddle is that you tend to hit your overhead smashes out behind the baseline. It is important you know that overhead smashes are exciting shots to do. When you have a heavy, powerful paddle in hand, they are even more fun. However, if the paddle is too heavy, there is every chance that you will hit them out of the court instead aiming at the opponent’s feet.

Just right

It is a wonderful feeling when you find a paddle that works great for you. You will find that everything for perfectly, more like a jigsaw puzzle. That is where you really want to be. The minute you find out the weight that you are comfortable playing with, then you can go ahead to customize your pickleball paddle experience beyond that.

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