I didn’t know that my beagle is a true blue killer. I didn’t know that. I mean, when I pat his head and he licks my thumb and just snuggles up beside me as I watch a movie with my wife, little do I know that this amazingly comfy creature was bred for hunting foxes. That’s right, the beagle was bred to hunt out foxes.

Fox hunting in England was a blood sport. It’s not really much different from cockfighting in Southeast Asia or Mexico.

It’s easy for a lot of people to get upset at cockfighting because you’re taking advantage of these birds’ natural aggressiveness against each other and equipping them with very fatal sharp spurs. You’re basically having fun at the death of one or both of the birds.

But a lot of people have this nostalgic part in their hearts for beagle hunts. They see these hundred beagles being rallied by a prim and proper English gentleman or English lady on horseback, but the end result is the same. A lot of blood, a lot of drama, a lot of pain.

That’s why it really blows my mind when I look at my beagle and realize that that was what he was bred for. Still, this doesn’t necessarily mean that hunting, by itself, is bad.

If you have a hunter dog with you and you have a bow and arrow, you have yourself a good hunting experience. Seriously. You can’t get any more natural than that.

Because I draw the line at firearms. There’s really not much mystery when you have a high powered rifle with an amazing scope. That’s not hunting.

Hunting is when you spy upon a wild boar for several hours as it makes its way through the brush, and you look for opportunities to take it down. That’s real hunting because real hunting is a test of patience. It is also a test of character.

You have to understand that, just like with life, often times, you only have one shot. You have to time that shot. You have to make sure you’re properly equipped. And most importantly, you have to be in the right mental and spiritual spot to make that shot.

This is not a surprise. I mean, after all, a lot of people have written throughout the centuries regarding the quasi spiritual experience of hunting. It’s as if you are going toe to toe with Mother Nature herself.

If you’ve ever read Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, this is precisely the kind of intersection of spiritual, physical and social needs that hunting for that great white whale brought to the table. You kind of experience some of that.

I don’t mean to wax philosophical here, but hunting can get really deep.

And if you really want to be properly equipped for your next hunting trip, check out huntspot.com. I’m not just talking about equipment here. I’m talking also about the proper mindset and proper spiritual internal space so you can take care of the job.

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