The most effective and efficient way to ensure that you always have a lot of ice on hand is to make use of a portable ice manufacturer. The Icecubicle blog extensively speaks about the reasons why you should opt for a portable ice manufacturer in one of the articles on its website.

Only unique ice machines can produce large ice cubes that are very clear to look at. In recent times, ice cubes are now getting larger than ever. You should not be amazed to see a large cube or ball of ice in your vodka the next time you find yourself at a chic bar.

Hello, let me tell you. These bartenders are in the right frame of mind. There is a reason huge ice cubes are in demand, and it’s not simply due to their looks.

Huge ice cubes melt much slower than what’s obtainable with the rest, thereby shielding your favorite drink from quickly getting watered-down. Regular ice cubes that come out of trays melt quicker and may add unnecessary flavor to your special drink too, due to the fact that they are made up of oxygen and several other impurities. One way to ensure that you get nice ice cubes of the size you want is to opt for an ice machine, which possesses the ability and capacity to crank out several sizes of ice cubes.

When you find yourself in situations that you need a lot of ice, you should consider getting yourself a portable ice machine. Not only is it going to be convenient, it will also make you save money from buying ice all the time.

Here are a couple of factors that you need to consider when buying a portable ice machine.

Capacity and size

Since they are portable ice makers, they come in small sizes. However, you will find them in different sizes and how much they take up space and the amount of ice that it can store or produce. Manufacturers of these portable machines are able to provide the capacity rate and dimensions of their product specs, making it easy to determine that you are buying the capacity or size that you need.

If the portable ice machine will be spending most of its time sitting at a countertop at your home kitchen, boat or RV, then you need to check out the space so that the machine you will buy is going to fit in there. But if you want to carry your ice cube maker from one place to another, or only use the machine when you have more people over, the factor that you have to focus on should be its weight in order to make sure it is something easy to carry.

If weight and size are not your concerns, then go for capacity. It is best to go with a machine that is capable of holding ice as much as you need, unless you are fine with bagging ice then you move it from freezer to the store. An ice maker that is too small isn’t going to solve your problems and if it is too big, it will just make you waste space and energy. You must consider carefully on the amount of ice you really need before you make your purchase. This will help narrow down on which ice maker will fit your situation.

Speed and capacity

Aside from knowing the amount of ice you really need that your machine is able to hold, you also need to make sure the speed it takes for the ice machine to make. The capacity of the machine it takes produce ice is mostly provided pounds of ice each day.

If the ones that are going to use the machine will go through regularly or you want to make sure that your guests at the party doesn’t need to wait on getting a refill, then you need to go for the higher production capacity.

If you are going through the ice cubes quickly, keep in mind that someone needs to take a minute or two to pour the water in. The reason why the machine is called portable is because it doesn’t need to get hooked up to a water line. While this will eliminate requirements for installation, you still need to add water manually. This is not that much of a job to do, but it needs someone to be there in order to maintain the supply of ice.

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