I really didn’t know much about electric tankless water heaters, nor did I care all that much until I went camping with my dogs.

Make no mistake about it, next to a crying child, a whining dog gets to your heart. Seriously. If you love your dogs, if you love caring for them, and if you love and appreciate their companionship, you would want to do everything for them.

You don’t want them to suffer. You don’t want them to feel uncomfortable. But that’s precisely what happened when I went camping with my wife and my two kids, along with our furry companions up a mountain peak.

Now, let me tell you, when you look up at a mountain peak, it looks nice and awesome. It’s all green, there are a lot of trees. It’s beautiful and sunny out. The external temperature is very comfy.

But it’s a completely different picture altogether when you go up there in the early spring. Because in the early spring, it’s beautiful during the morning and the afternoon, but when it gets cold, you will quickly realize why spring is spring.

Spring, after all, comes after the winter. And winters can be dry, cold, bitter and boy, are they uncomfortable.

And it really broke my heart to hear my dogs whining. They were moaning. They were not having a good time.

I took off my sleeping bag and put them all in and they stopped moaning. But it really broke my heart to realize that they were uncomfortable.

And things did not improve when it comes to drinking water because the drinking water was so cold. This was the time when I realized the importance of proper heating.

Now, when I go traveling, I bring extra sleeping bags and specially designed sleeping tents for my four-legged companions.

I also invested in an RV after I’ve read electric tankless water heater reviews. They clued me in on the right kind of water heating units that can be used with a recreational vehicle. I didn’t put much stock in reviews before. For the longest time, I thought they were biased or at least slanted toward the people behind the reviews. You know, kind of like the TV ads you see late night. Well, it turns out that the right kind of online reviews can and do provide a great service to truly discriminating consumers out to make a truly informed decision.

This way, everybody’s comfortable, everybody’s properly heated, everybody has access to great water, and everybody is having a good time. That’s the way it should be.

Learn from my experiences because these are really hard-earned experiences.

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