There are many apps that you can find on Google play to find your lost phone. Google maps is very useful to locate your android mobile. The location is usually displayed on the screen if you are tracking a particular device. Some apps are especially designed by Google to find the handy orten google. This app also performs a wide ranges of other tasks like you can reset the lock of your device screen, you can find your lost Smartphone, or can delete the data of your device. Basically, the application is very easy to use. To acquire these services, you just have to create a Google user account and add your Android device to it.

If you are using this software, you get additional safety features with which you can easily lock your lost phone and can even delete the data. To find your phone, you need to login to your Google account and check out the location using this app. If your phone is online, you will get to know about the route that your device has traveled and its current location.


Using the app, you can recover the stolen or lost Smartphone, you can reset your PIN, and can delete the user-specific data on your device. This locating app is connected with the device manager and has been very useful as it allows deleting the data from the phone from a remote location. The deleting feature has got a lot of importance as it is the best safety feature that is provided by this application and is not much common among the other tracking software and devices.

How can you find the stolen or lost smartphone using Google Photos?

There are several ways to track your lost phone one of those methods is finding your phone by Google photos. For this, you will have to follow some guidelines. For this, you will first have to download Google photos application on another phone and install it. You need to log in to your account that is already registered on Google. As the app opens, go to Google photos and click on sync option. In the second step, turn off syncing and back up and you will also have to change the mobile data setting and Wi-Fi. After this, Google starts to collect the up-to-date photos. This will help you to find out the location of your smartphone.

Recover your Android device with the help of location history

This requires some specific conditions like the device must be connected with your account on Google, the device should have access to the internet before getting switched off, Location history or location reporting should be activated on the lost device.

This app not only focuses on finding your lost phone but the location data can be used for many other purposes like if you want to look to the past traveled routes. You can locate your lost phone by looking at the last recorded location history this is possible even when the device is switched off.

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