With all kinds of blockbuster games in the PlayStation 4, little wonder why most gamers are running out of hard drive space so quickly. One accessory you can buy for your PlayStation 4 is an external hard drive as it will assist in increasing your PS4 storage. If you are looking out for the best external hard drive for your PS4 to upgrade its storage space, read on.

Much gratitude to the PlayStation 4 update 4.50, PS4 console owners can now plug in an external hard drive that meets PlayStation 4’s specs and has games stored on it. Now you can double or even triple the amount of disk space, thanks to the wide variety of PlayStation 4 external hard drive available.

However, here is the catch: you can only use one of the hard drives at a time. If perchance, you are already making use of one storage device in your console, you will receive an error message when a new one is connected. No one is sure if Sony will eventually allow the use of multiple drives.

For the fact that you can just use one storage device, we are sure that you want to get the best PlayStation 4 external hard drive that you can lay your hands on. Below you will find the highly recommended PlayStation 4 hard drives that offer great deals and at the same very reliable.

Best PS4 external hard drive

Our top pick for the best external hard drive for PlayStation 4 is the Seagate 2TB Game Drive. This is a PlayStation hard drive that is very much similar to the Seagate hard drive specifically designed for use on the Xbox One, which is a top pick for Microsoft’s console and also has stellar reviews.

If you are in search of an external PlayStation 4 hard that provides sufficient storage and affordable, your search ends here because this is it. The Seagate Game Drive is renowned among PlayStation 4 gamers that longing for more storage for games and other contents. This is obvious because of the positive feedback that this product is getting.

The Seagate Game Drive is one external hard drive that was designed and tested most especially for PlayStation 4 gaming. It works well with all generations of PS4 systems, as long as you installed on your system the software version 4.50 or higher.

It is important you are aware of the fact that the Seagate 2TB hard drive can accommodate up to 60+ games and it features high-speed USB 3.0. it plugs directly into any USB port available on the PlayStation 4 and the first time setup for the hard drive takes a few minutes.

One excellent advantage of having a compact external hard drive like the Seagate’s Game Drive is that you don’t have any reason to delete games unnecessarily. You have lots of space for new games with the 2TB storage capacity that it provides. This is manufactured by a very trusted brand in the computing Industry, thus it is a very reliable product that is worth every penny requested.

It is worth taking note that since you can store your games in your external drive, you can easily take them along with you wherever you seem to be going. If you are visiting your friend or family home, you can go along with your Seagate Game Drive and enjoy your game there easily without no hassle.

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