During the last period of time, Rottweilers have been categorized by ACK Standard as a calm and self assured breed of dog that tends to be devoted and obedient to its owner. They are widely known to be the dogs with two extreme temperaments: from sensible and playful little puffy around the children to the serious and powerful biting dog when it comes to protect or guard something.

Here, at www.galleryforrottweilers.com, we encourage living with and keeping a Rottweiler. For our loyal audience, we even created a pro and cons list for people who want to have this wonderful dog as their companion.


  • easy to groom and very handsome
  • loyal and obedient to its family
  • has a large, stocky and powerful body constitution
  • confident, calm and steady-tempered


  • heavy dog who wants to sit on your lap or your feet
  • if not exercises enough or bored he can create damages to your belongings
  • when surrounded by other animals he can be aggressive
  • short lifespan and a considerable list of health issues to take care of
  • extreme carefully search to avoid overaggressive- or unstable-tempered lines

If you seriously consider having a Rottie, keep in mind that they need to perform daily exercises like brisk walks, romping sessions or regular stretches, but even more important than that is the fact that these dogs need to perform mental exercises in order to develop their intelligence and abilities. Those mental exercises consist in creating an advanced obedience to their owner, increasing their agility and the classic return the ball sense.

Pay attention! When having a baby Rottweiler you must consider socializing him from an early age in order to develop its territorial instinct. The relationship with cats stands under a big question mark. While most dogs from this breed are able to peacefully live with your family cat, there are individuals that are extremely aggressive and predatory toward cats.

Legal Liabilities for Rottweilers

For obvious reasons, these breed of dog has been banned in certain areas due to their spontaneously and instinct-based actions. Homeowner’s insurance policies have even covered this subject on many cases, so you must pay a great attention when and where you are going with your dog out.

People are quicker to sue you if you Rottie do something even remotely questionable because the uncomfortable state of your neighbors can very easily be induced by your dog’s intimidating look.

In conclusion, if proper time is invested in your Rottweiler, he can be a splendid companion. Supervision, obedience skills must be developed and ongoing companionship and socialization must be provided in order to make yourself proud of your dog.

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