When you have such a dog which may be considered a scary beast, you should know that this is one of the most loyal and loving family member. If you start asking if you and your dog can live without any training, you will probably find some answers such as “ you can survive without any kind of training”, but for sure you will lose all the fun.

The most stunning thing you will discover during this training is the fantastic relationship between you and your pet. Why to do such training with your rottie? The answer is very simple:

  • First one: a rottie is very smart and learn quickly
  • Second one: he loves to please you

The fact is that, without a proper training in which your dog to learn to control and not to be such aggressive, he can end in a shelter because of it behavior. The rotties don’t have the instinct to become the leader of the pack (your family), but if you will not try to become one, the smart rottie will take attitude and will adopt the aggressive behavior.

There are some steps to follow to attempt your goals considering your dog training:

The young age

The first one is considered to be the starting at a young age, because this will make your work easier. But you don’t have to be discouraged if your rottie is older. In this case, you should put some more effort, time and patience on your part.

The leader of the pack

The second one is called: understand dominance. The fact is that you should never show to him aggression, if you don’t have to train the dog in the wrong way. Another important step is that to socialize your rottie because you have to make him feel comfortable around other people and other dogs. In this way, you will help him to establish a good behavior.

Teaching commands

You should teach your dog some simple commands such as:

  • Sit (which is the first command you should teach him)
  • Paw (you shouldn’t though him this command before he know to sit )
  • No (establish your disciplining voice to show him what is wrong)
  • Down (the command will be easier if the dog will follow the motion of your hand)
  • Stay (is considered to be the most frustrating command and requires more patience than the others )
  • Come (this command should be though after the dog learn the stay command )

The fact is that patience is the key on training a dog. This kind of dog will make your work easier due to its intelligence and loyalty. You have to realize that a dog can’t be trained overnight so you have to keep the good work and don’t get discouraged. For sure, after starting this training both of you and your dog will be happier and your relationship will be improved.

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