There are a few things that should serve as the basis for the effort of anyone to get to slot one, page one, in the top three search engines; and then, there are the essentials within those important things that are often relative to a particular website and the niche that the website covers. The SERPStream website focuses on the fundamentals of achieving good SERPs – the core of any search engine ranking plan.

Really acknowledge that outside of what the search engines, themselves, are directing you to carry out to rank your website, you don’t know how search engines function – and then accept it. Why? Because being too concerned about how these engines are exactly ranking your website in search results (i.e. how they function) is the kind of thinking that prompts attempts to cheat the search engines – which no one can carry out over a long period of time. The search engines are smarter than you are due to the fact that only they completely know how they work.

Quality backlinks are essential to awesome search engine results pages for your site. However, it’s important for you to note that backlink building is not something that one hurriedly does like what’s obtainable with sprinting towards some finish line. Indeed, backlink building is one that should not be stopped if website owners want stable first-page search engine outcomes for their website.

But it doesn’t end there. From hereon, you get to learn a couple of basics on how to do well in SERPs, which many have misunderstood from time to time. However, these basics are updated, since the algorithms used in SERPs are constantly changing as well.

Know how Google’s ranking algorithm works

When you plan for SEO strategies, you’d be using right now the ones that have been tested to work right. But you need to keep it in mind that Google is constantly changing her algorithms with the SERPs, which is why you need to closely monitor the behavior in which page and sites are being ranked. You want your website to run for long-term so that you will not be penalized when the new updates are rolled out.

The executives of Google like John Mueller and Gary Illyes have confirmed it themselves that Google is always going through changes with its algorithm, even if most of these changes are not announced to the public. And they make these changes almost every day.

According to Moz, they estimated that changes are between 500 and 600 every year.

Google does announce it to the public about their new updates, however the exact workings of the algorithm is left unknown, not to mention they are a bit mysterious, too. Majority of its information are left to speculation coming from the industry professionals. It is no wonder why 40 percent of the marketers share how it is difficult for them to truly grasp how to be successful with SEO because of the constant change that these algorithms have to go through.

It is Google’s mission to organize the information of the world and make it useful and accessible at a universal level.

Some of the major algorithm updates are the following:

  • Pigeon, which works on integrating the local search results such as those from Google Maps

  • Mobile-friendly update, which favors the websites that are mobile-friendly and then setting its stage for penalties in the future when sites do not comply.

  • Hummingbird, which aims to understand the intent and context of the user’s search rather than just look at the literal words that they’ve typed.

  • Penguin, which target sites and spammers that purchase unnatural links to boost up their rankings.

Assess current search ranking

So that you will be able to improve your ranking, you will need to know where you are standing now. This is even true for all sites, both old and new. Good thing that there are several resources and tools that can help you.

First, you can utilize a site to check out the keyword rank of your site. If you have been targeting certain keywords in a page content, you can check out that site so that you can see which rank your page is in. You type in the keyword together with your site’s URL. You also have other options such as go through Yahoo results, drill down on the local rankings by ZIP or city code and choosing between mobile or desktop.

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