We don’t consider our mobile phones to be specifically bad for the environment. The issue is, though, that we appear to hold onto our mobiles for just a little period of time. Some researchers have revealed that mobile phone owners graduate to better makes on a yearly basis. That means we are discarding a high no. of mobile phones and that’s definitely not good for the environment.

Luckily, there are steps we could all take so as to limit the negative effect of discarded mobile phones on the environment. And it all begins with the recycling of all the aforementioned unwanted mobile cell phones.

The scope of the problem

With these discarded mobile phones, our landfills are becoming more and more crowded. And these phones often have toxic chemicals like cadmium, lithium, and mercury. These chemicals could leak into the soil, and eventually settle in neighboring creeks, rivers or streams.

In the United Kingdom (UK), just 14 million mobile phones from the ones discarded were recycled. That’s a very worrying figure; it just represents one-tenth of the mobiles that consumers discard.

Making a difference

You could make a difference, though. You could take steps on a personal note to at least keep your mobile phone off a landfill.

The most significant step is to make use of your present mobile phone for a longer time. The new mobiles on the marketplace might sound tempting with their applications and features. But how many of these fresh features are you in need of?

If more individuals would make use of their mobile phones for three years and above, the number of discarded phones will reduce drastically.

If you must upgrade to a fresh mobile phone, you could still do without harming the environment. A lot of non-profit and charitable establishments have created their own mobile phone recycling programs to receive used mobiles. Thereafter, they send the collected phones to those who cannot afford to buy their own mobile phones.

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